Find Ways to Spend Time Together During Your Wedding Day

Find Ways to Spend Time Together During
Your Wedding Day
June 14, 2023
May 10, 2023
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Wedding days are busy, we can all agree. The day is filled with friends, family, getting ready, photography portraits, food and dancing and often times when we ask our couples how their day went, they remember only the big moments. Sometimes the small moments are a blur in the whirlwind of friends, family and music. In this whirlwind, it is often difficult to find special moments with your newlywed, but there are absolutely ways that couples can spend more moments together throughout the day that feel intentional and rememberable.

1. Start the Day with Breakfast Together

You might have a tradition of always going to brunch on Sunday or making breakfast every morning together. Why not do that on your wedding day? Start off one of the best days of your life with breakfast together before you go your separate ways to get ready for the big day! As Pam’s mom in The Office said, plan to take some mental pictures throughout the day that the photographer will not be able to capture.

2. Grab a Coffee and Take a Walk

This is for all the coffee drinkers out there – rise and shine and go to your favorite local coffee shop for your usuals to take on a walk together. Talk through the day and this beautiful life that you share. Being able to spend that quality time together can set a calm foundation for the rest of the day!

3. A First Look / An Exchange of Gifts or Reading Letters

A first look is when the couples see each other prior to walking down the aisle. First looks are a classic way to get a private moment together before the ceremony and to complete some pictures before hand as well. During this moment, exchange your gifts or letters! These extras get both of you excited for the moment you say “I do” and what better time than when you see each other for the first time!

4. Alone Time After the Ceremony

Not everyone is enthusiastic about a first look, so if that is not your cup of tea or even if you did have a first look, share some time together right after the ceremony. You just got married, a moment you have waited so long for, so take some time to celebrate! Right after the ceremony is the perfect time to sneak away as your guests make their way to cocktail hour and your photographer organizes family for the first set of pictures. Ask your caterer to have some appetizers from cocktail hour and a couple cocktails waiting for you for this time alone.

5. Eat Dinner Together – Separate From the Reception

Whether you have a sweetheart or a head table, it is inevitable that your guests will come up to give you their congratulations while you are eating dinner. To avoid this and get a moment alone together, plan to eat in a separate location with your planner, caterer and venue. Have this set up and ready to go after any grand introductions and first dances so you can leave quickly, have a glass of champagne and dine together, just the two of you, before making your way back to the reception to greet your guests and continue the festivities.  

6. Late Night Pictures

Either after you eat and before other activities begin or during dancing is another great time to sneak away with your photographer and videographer to capture a few more special moments together. Midnight pictures outside or a location with mood lighting are alternative backdrops to pictures to give them some spice! Look at these cool lights that Memories by PJ brought for such an occasion!

7. A Private Last Dance

Plan a grand exit with your wedding planner, such as sparklers, and while they are organizing your guests for the grand exit, share a private last dance together. This is the culmination to your incredible day together, so what sweeter way to end the night than to share a last dance and reflect on the perfect day you had.

Whether you take a walk or share a last dance or take a moment after the ceremony to eat and drink something together, your wedding day will be filled with even more special moments, many of which are unpredictable. Try to take those mental pictures when you can and enjoy yourself, you’re getting married!

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